My A-Z of Twitter. Part Six.

K is for Krispy Kreme donuts.
These should be the official food of Twitter. Also if I say they're awesome enough eventually someone will send me some.
Also I couldn't think of anything good for K. Besides the KKK and Keith Chegwin. Both of whom seem to have made folk cross in one way or another.

L is for Lists.
Which I don't really bother with. Maybe its the Twitter app I use, or the way I tweet, but I fail to see the need of splitting my followers into categories to make it easier to follow my timeline. Perhaps you do, I dunno, its probably just personal preference.
One positive use of lists is as an alternative to tweeting a bunch of followfriday tweets, instead sending folk to follow people in said list. I seriously doubt this is very effective though, you've got to remember that folk are just a bit lazy and to go to all the effort of searching through a list is probably too much. Yeah, I know that makes folk sound lazy, but... well i'm too lazy to defend myself.
Anyway, what I don't like about the way some folk use lists is as an alternative to following people. That just comes across as rude, like reading a book over someone's shoulder or visiting Curry's to watch Eastenders.

Right, that's the depressing K and L parts out of the way, its all uphill from now on...

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  1. Get on with it will you, we're all waiting for part 7! :)