Random One-Word-Topic Bloggage #4 SEATS

Right, couldn't think of anything to write about seats, so instead, here is a list of the seats in my house.

Old Sofa #1 - Brown, has a habit of rejecting cushions and getting messy.

Old Sofa #2 - Was white, now has various stains, is hard as rock and has enough space underneath to form a decent den.

Our new sofas are due at some point next month. They are Chocolate coloured and have those funky baby launcher recliner mechanisms. oooh fancypants.

Baby Chair/Potty - Is pink and purple and has a dinosaur face. It is the coolest thing I've bought for Meg without Gem's permission. Except a sonic screwdriver.


4 x Chair - Had these chairs for ages and they're a bit rubbish. They're about #34 on the list of things we need to get to make the house funky.

1 x High Chair - Which is made of adamantium, and thusly can break toes on the slightest accidental kick. The swine.


No chairs.

We should really get some upstairs chairs. I wonder what the feng shui of upstairs chairs is.

I'll ask a chinese man.

Oh, that's it. need a wee now. Bye

Does the toilet count as a seat? Suppose it does.

We do have an upstairs seat after all.

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