some words and such in some kind of order

Hello and that.

Just thought i'd type some things.

Not sure what those things are yet, bear with me...


I do like that new Starbucks Via instant coffee. Tastes all posh. Now all i need to do is buy some posh biscuits.
Ooh, actually, Gem has banned biscuits from our house, because i'm turning into Mr Tubby Lumpguts. I suppose i really should do some exercise, but it's raining and wii fit is £90. That's 120 pies. Exactly,

So, as you can see i'm not really focused on the ol' bloggage today, think i've not had enough sleep. I blame the kids. Only 50 years until i'm old enough to get my revenge and wake them up in the middle of the night so i can have a wee. I can bide my time til then. Yes.

It's bloody raining, i should have worn sleeves. I hate having wet elbows.

My quick review of Inception - not enough anthropomorphic pineapples. Or sex dreams. Otherwise good. That's it.

I really want to eat a cloned steak. Apparently cloned beef is available to buy now. I bet it's lovely. And guarantees all your steaks will be the same. Like futuristic steak canadiennes.

If my nipples had a job, i bet you wouldn't be so quick to call them useless, would ya?

The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo is a good film. A lady put a dildo up a man's bottom. Lovely.

Ok, that's it. Blog done. Might be more coherent next time. Although to be honest it couldn't be less.

The Toast-Sandwich is my invention. Don't steal it.

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  1. Cloned Steaks eh? As long as they can be cloned prior to eating, then just think how far your £90 will go!