creme eggs, chocolate robots & toe-jam

Fed up of apologising for not blogging in a while, so i won't. Apologise. Unless you consider that non-apology as an acknowledgement of the need for an apology, and thus an apology in all but the word.
Anyway, where was i? Oh,yeah... Over there...

*walks to other side of the room, where i was*

...much better. Now that i'm back where i was when i was there, i can write something interesting for you to read with your bodily reading utensils (eyes, mind etc.) Today's funky topics, suggested by folk from that bird-based, social-networking site are Creme eggs, Clockwork Robots and Toe-Jam.

So in no particular order (easiest to splurge first) i'll start with Toe-Jam.

Toe-Jam and Earl was a video game from the olden days, and was delightfully mental. I liked it at the time, but recently i played it and it was shit. There, that was one of them there video game nostalgic reviews that you can find anywhere on t'internet. I give it a nostalgic shit rating of 3.72/14

Clockwork Robots will never rule the world without people, because eventually they'll need someone to wind them up. And even if they did invent a clockwork winder-upper robot, there would need to be someone who could wind up the winder upper robot. This is an example of a flawed perpetual motion device, and thus i give this a flawed perpetual motion rating of 2.2/2.3 - the highest rating anything written in the last ten minutes has recieved.

Creme eggs are bloody lovely, aren't they? How do i eat mine, well i nibble off the top then slide my tongue inside to get out all the mysterious fondant filling. Apparently, the way you eat a creme egg is directly related to your oral sex performance. Which probably explains why the missus always gags when eating them then bites inappropriately hard. Hmmm...

There, blog done. Phew.

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