Video Blog #3 - Meat Sandwich

I has made a yummy meat sandwich. nom nom nom.

Here be the video of the creation of a culinary masterpiece...

Hope that's got you all drooling. Twas yummy yummy in my tummy.


  1. Oh so very yummy looking indeed! I'm certain my cardiologist would have a minor issue if I were to replicate such a wonderfully tasty sammich (especially the butter part) but we are here for such a blink of the eye, I throw caution to the wind...

  2. I LOLed especially on seeing the disdain with which you tossed the cucumber back in the fridge!

    Heart-attack-on-a-plate it may be, but I bet it was REALLY good! *adds steak to tomorrow's shopping list*

  3. You never fail to amuse me!

    Great video....bet that sandwich tasted yummmmmmy!

  4. Oooh.

    Three errors:

    1. Dried herbs? Dude.

    2. Pre-ground pepper? Duuuuuuuude.

    3. Rub salt into the meat after tenderising it. It's tenderer, tastier and it reduces the meat's propensity to sweat itself in the pan.