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back again, hello. *waves*
Right then, more random brain leakage...
Saturday night telly, how bloody rubbish. Frigging x-factor is back on, doing exactly the same thing but with a different background, like chuckie egg 2, only with less eggs and slightly better graphics. The singing, if it can be called that, is obviously some kind of sonic paralysis inducer like off of Iron Man, a fact that works to itv's advantage by forcing people to sit there and endure The Cube. A mixture of nintendo ds game, who wants to be a millionaire and the crystal maze, with a female cobra commander/stig hybrid that doesn't seem to do anything. The program basically consists of phillip schofield feeling sorry for people who do nothing to challenge idiotic stereotypes.
And then, you're forced to watch Big Brother on channel 4, because the missus won't go to bed and let you play ps3 games. As far as i can tell, a man comprised completely of sideburn looks like he'll win. They should burn that house down and see who's willing to piss on the burning remains. That'd get ratings...


  1. Run, Fatboy Run was on . Then there was a programme about Film Noir on BBC4. Then an Orson Welles film.

  2. Get another TV in a different room for the PS3!