Scrounge - Completed


I've finished off Scrounge. Here's some pics...
I've painted him with antique gold acrylic paint, with bronze for his upper arms and various details.
His eyes are bits of a TF notebook I got free, and are lenticular, which not only gives the toy's eyes a bit of texture, also 'glow' red from a certain angle.
The Autobot symbol on his chest is another TF mag freebie, and matches the proportions on the comics version, although slightly overlaps the bottom of the chest section.
I'll try and get my vid showing him off uploaded somewhere so you can have a looksie at him.
Anyway, that's it for my kitbash. My next project will be to try and make a Tranformers Animated Style Prowl costume for Jess, using spare bits of mini-moto I've got lying around by the shed. Although I'll probably have to get permission off of Jess to let me use her as a guinea pig first...
Anyway, I'm off to wear the missus' shoes now, because they need stretching. not because I'm kinky.

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