Crap Blog plus Excuses

Tis another mediocre rant type blog today, but I've prepared a list of excuses/reasons as to why i am not supersplurging like i occasionally do...
1. I'm bloody knackered from work, had to do 139 locks on sunday and It's thrown my work-play balance in my head off.
2 & 3. Making babies, just not in the fun way. You know when you've made a cake and you've mixed all the ingredients together and then you put the mixture in the oven and then you're just worrying how it'll turn out, if the oven will overheat and switch off or if you'll get distracted and everything will come out burnt. Damn, i got lost in my own metaphor then, anyway now i'm stuck with 2nd baby stress, gem is a gurgle morning sickness creature that makes me do all the chores, and basically my brain is too full of moses baskets and the dread of going back to nights of 2 hours of sleep that i can't think of anything as random as a hedgehog wondering how on earth he is going to wear his new backpack. Which i know is the sort of random stuff you like.
3. I've spread myself too thinly over the whole internet and I've run out of stuff to type. Basically, I've added myself to too many forums and random stuff recently, and i don't like letting anyone feel left out, so I've been shuffling from site to site like an alcoholic uncle searching for parties with a free bar, letting everyone know whatever my brain feels like releasing then shuffling elsewhere. I might have to cull a few sites so my creative juices keep flowing.
4. TWITTER! It's bloody wonderful bollocks and I've gone and got myself addicted to finding out what random famous people (most notably phillip scofield, tara from buffy the vampire player, aston kutcher and jonathan ross, only by the fact that they seem to post more than anyone else) are doing with their time. It's quite interesting learning that they actually have normal lives and don't just sit in the corner and cry when You're not watchin them on tv. Here's my twitter link if anyone wants to find me and join in with my campaign of legalised stalking... [url]http://twitter.com/fudgecrumpet[/url]
Anyway, those are the reasons why this blog is rubbish. Although that was a good couple of thousand words, so i suppose it'll have to do. Yay for rambles and excuses.

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