6 minutes

Right then, I'm sat in the car (in the rain, weather fans!) with snoozy jess on the back seat, waiting for Gem to finish work and grump at me for not finishing the washing up. She doesn't finish for about 6 more minutes though, so i figured i'd just splurge as much as possible in that time, hopefully someone will read it, although from the way most of my recent interweb output has gone, it'll stay ignored completely unless i nag at folk to look.
Not that nagging has helped attract people to join me on crazy attention deficit disorder post site [url]http://www.Twitter.com[/url] which i am as yet undecided upon as to whether it is genius or arse. I've done what most folk seem to have done and added Aston Kutcher and Stephen Fry to their follow list, and I've got a couple of random folks as my own followers, but as yet i still can't see the point. Maybe I've caught it too early, i had the same problems when i first joined facebook before that went all popular and mainstream. I'm feeling like one of those annoying guys at parties who go on about new bands, boring folk to death about The Flan Mangles, two years before they become famous and they saturate the media and then you stop feeling relatively cool and start feeling mildly bitter and grumpy. Which I've been told i am a lot. Grumpy, that is.
Sorry about the lack of a structure to this post, i'm just typing as much as i can to waste the minute or so until gem leaves work. In fact, i should probably start signing off now because she's on her way and looks tired. Bye

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