Crap Blog plus Excuses

Tis another mediocre rant type blog today, but I've prepared a list of excuses/reasons as to why i am not supersplurging like i occasionally do...
1. I'm bloody knackered from work, had to do 139 locks on sunday and It's thrown my work-play balance in my head off.
2 & 3. Making babies, just not in the fun way. You know when you've made a cake and you've mixed all the ingredients together and then you put the mixture in the oven and then you're just worrying how it'll turn out, if the oven will overheat and switch off or if you'll get distracted and everything will come out burnt. Damn, i got lost in my own metaphor then, anyway now i'm stuck with 2nd baby stress, gem is a gurgle morning sickness creature that makes me do all the chores, and basically my brain is too full of moses baskets and the dread of going back to nights of 2 hours of sleep that i can't think of anything as random as a hedgehog wondering how on earth he is going to wear his new backpack. Which i know is the sort of random stuff you like.
3. I've spread myself too thinly over the whole internet and I've run out of stuff to type. Basically, I've added myself to too many forums and random stuff recently, and i don't like letting anyone feel left out, so I've been shuffling from site to site like an alcoholic uncle searching for parties with a free bar, letting everyone know whatever my brain feels like releasing then shuffling elsewhere. I might have to cull a few sites so my creative juices keep flowing.
4. TWITTER! It's bloody wonderful bollocks and I've gone and got myself addicted to finding out what random famous people (most notably phillip scofield, tara from buffy the vampire player, aston kutcher and jonathan ross, only by the fact that they seem to post more than anyone else) are doing with their time. It's quite interesting learning that they actually have normal lives and don't just sit in the corner and cry when You're not watchin them on tv. Here's my twitter link if anyone wants to find me and join in with my campaign of legalised stalking... [url]http://twitter.com/fudgecrumpet[/url]
Anyway, those are the reasons why this blog is rubbish. Although that was a good couple of thousand words, so i suppose it'll have to do. Yay for rambles and excuses.


6 minutes

Right then, I'm sat in the car (in the rain, weather fans!) with snoozy jess on the back seat, waiting for Gem to finish work and grump at me for not finishing the washing up. She doesn't finish for about 6 more minutes though, so i figured i'd just splurge as much as possible in that time, hopefully someone will read it, although from the way most of my recent interweb output has gone, it'll stay ignored completely unless i nag at folk to look.
Not that nagging has helped attract people to join me on crazy attention deficit disorder post site [url]http://www.Twitter.com[/url] which i am as yet undecided upon as to whether it is genius or arse. I've done what most folk seem to have done and added Aston Kutcher and Stephen Fry to their follow list, and I've got a couple of random folks as my own followers, but as yet i still can't see the point. Maybe I've caught it too early, i had the same problems when i first joined facebook before that went all popular and mainstream. I'm feeling like one of those annoying guys at parties who go on about new bands, boring folk to death about The Flan Mangles, two years before they become famous and they saturate the media and then you stop feeling relatively cool and start feeling mildly bitter and grumpy. Which I've been told i am a lot. Grumpy, that is.
Sorry about the lack of a structure to this post, i'm just typing as much as i can to waste the minute or so until gem leaves work. In fact, i should probably start signing off now because she's on her way and looks tired. Bye


Scrounge - Completed


I've finished off Scrounge. Here's some pics...
I've painted him with antique gold acrylic paint, with bronze for his upper arms and various details.
His eyes are bits of a TF notebook I got free, and are lenticular, which not only gives the toy's eyes a bit of texture, also 'glow' red from a certain angle.
The Autobot symbol on his chest is another TF mag freebie, and matches the proportions on the comics version, although slightly overlaps the bottom of the chest section.
I'll try and get my vid showing him off uploaded somewhere so you can have a looksie at him.
Anyway, that's it for my kitbash. My next project will be to try and make a Tranformers Animated Style Prowl costume for Jess, using spare bits of mini-moto I've got lying around by the shed. Although I'll probably have to get permission off of Jess to let me use her as a guinea pig first...
Anyway, I'm off to wear the missus' shoes now, because they need stretching. not because I'm kinky.


Chins, Boobs, Bums and Purple Juice

I've been banished downstairs, for the crime of not wanting to watch Gladiator for the umpteenth time (the extended version, mind you). I don't mind the film, but it's like having a box of after eight mints all to yourself - once every six months is fine, but any more and you start feeling a bit queasy and you gain a few extra chins. Well, that's almost a good metaphor, except for the chins bit.
So, after I've typed this I'll be settling down on the sofa with a drink of purple juice to watch the latest (cheekily downloaded, damn you slow ass e4 schedulers) episode of Smallville, which has picked up a bit following a two-season slump when it all got a bit stinky and crap. I'm really looking forward to the end of season battle between Clark and Doomsday, as the show's clever plotting has firmly ousted any fanboy 'You cant have Doomsday this early in Supes' career' thoughts out of my head. Although to be honest Doomsday was never the sort of bad guy I've been impressed guy - sure he was unstoppable, but he never really had a plan, he just hit stuff. Also he didn't really kill Superman, did he? That was just some marketing nonsense.
Reluctantly been putting more stuff on ebay tonight as well, including some films that I'd much rather keep but 1) can't afford other new nice stuff (a lot of cool stuff comes out on Monday) and 2) Gem doesn't like and I'm trying to stay in her good books for the time being.
So, I'm selling Ella Enchanted, a film about a girl with big boobs who does whatever anyone tells her to do (and no men take advantage of this?!? Crazy), Disney's Dinosaur (which is better than 90% of their recent output, yet avoids being labelled as a Disney Classic for reasons which are beyond me), Sex and the City The Movie (which I liked keeping on the shelf, as it stops Gem from nagging about my Bloke-ing up of the living room - Marvel Essentials books need more shelf space than flowers in vases, when will she realise this?) and Prince Caspian (on blu-ray, which distracts from the fact that the film's shite by being all hi-def and lovely).
Anyway, I can't do a blatant plug like that without offering you a link ---> http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZfudgecrumpet <---, so there you go.

Anyway, I think that's enough random splurging for tonight. I'd write a bit more but this kitchen chair is bloody uncomfortable on my bum and I fear if I sit here any longer I will end up with a very flat bottom. And my fan club prefers me to have a nice peachy curve. Well, if I did have a fan club they would. Why don't I have a fan club yet? Grrrrrrr

Bye Bye


Just random stuff, movie rants and such.

No particular theme to my blog today, just a bit of a splurge so the blog doesn't get forgotten about in my head. I figure if I leave it much longer it'll make it harder to start over again. Kind of like if you stop drinking coffee for a couple of weeks, which I did once, just before Jess was born (Gem wasn't allowed caffiene or something, and I never just make myself a coffee). Anyway, once you've gone off coffee for a few weeks, you lose the need for a caffiene buzz and suddenly it just tastes, smells and just looks a bit brown when someone offers you one. I'm back on coffee now though, mainly because all the ribena i was drinking was making me far too regular.
Anyway, what have I done recently... well, I've watched a few films on Blu-Ray (or blue ray, as their ebay auctions stated, hence they were ignored by regular searches and therefore were bargains) - Run Fat Boy Run, Vantage Point and the 2006 remake of The Omen.
Run Fat Boy Run is by far the best film out of this bunch, starting off a bit rubbish but getting gradually better towards the end, with a genuinely satisfying ending.
Vantage Point starts off excellent, but goes and forgets about it's multi-character-viewpoint gimmick about halfway through and just goes off on a standard action thriller schtick. Oh, and it also reveals who the bad guys are way too early. Just to save you the effort the real bad guy is the man from Lost, and the president who gets shot is just a double. I've whited out the spoiler I typed, because I didn't want people swearing at me. More than normal.
The remake of The Omen is bloody awful, but I'm only saying that in comparison to the original, which in my mind is a bloody wonderful movie. This one basically takes the original, removes the great scary music, makes the death scenes overblown effects extravaganzas and reduces the acting to pulling 'dull surprise' faces and getting occasionally sweaty.
Anyway, I've shoved Vantage Point and The Omen back on ebay, hopefully they'll make a bit of cash so I don't feel completely cheated. RFBR is staying for the time being though, it's a nice bit of fluff I'll probably stick on next time I want Jess to go to sleep.

Today we went to the cinema to see Bolt. Gem forced us to see the 2D version, because she was worried it'd give her a headache or somethingnagnagnag, but all in all I don't think the film needs a 3D gimmick to work. The CGI is as cartoony as ever, but the characters seem to work great, and the hamster is a genius creation. I did however feel that the film would have been so much better if they'd forgotten about the 'TV dog forced into the real world' plot and just stuck with the TV show within a film's plot of a superpowered dog. Sure, it's derivative 80s toy selling nonsense, but it'd be a cracking movie. This is the second dog themed movie I've seen this month, the other being Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which is surprisingly funny. Shame I hate dogs. Well, I don't hate dogs, they just all want to kill me and eat my face off.
I really need to see a decent bloke film though. Not sure how I'll convince Gem to see TF2 yet, never mind Terminator or Star Trek (that'll be a challenge, seeing as she was in labour when Star Trek 9 was on TV, and it'll probably bring on sympathy pains or something).

Anyway, my laptop's being a bitch recently so I'm gonna sign off for now before it crashes and I lose all these lovely words I've just typed (no great loss to the world, I hear you cry).

See ya later if I feel the need for further splurging.