Fun with knives and PVA Glue

Just a quick mobile update today, firstly to test if this works on Opera Mini on my phone, and secondly to give you an update on scrounge.
I decided for the time being, finances and spare time and such, that i'd forego doing a transforming scrounge and make a non-transforming toy out of stuff i already own. Fortunately, i had a tf-a blackarachnia spare following my birthday, and her body is scrawny enough to match scrounge (i beefed him up a bit for my drawing) and she's got the whole bell-bottom legs and skinny six-pack.
First, i pulled off all the spidery bits and unscrewed her face, then in the process of chopping down her chest to a more reasonable and less feminine size i sliced a chunk off my left thumb. I'm fine now, thanks to TCP spray plaster, which is a genius invention obviously invented by Neil Buchanan, the only man in the world to use PVA glue in every aspect of his life.
I also glued up BA's split-legs and broke off her various spikes and such.
So now i'm left with a faceless basic action figure, i'm going to do some experiments with epoxy resin later, and i'll post some photos of my work in progress. Cheers.

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  1. YAY! It works! Now I know I can blog on the move I can post more, without Gem getting cross at me for playing on the laptop all night.