Gumpy and Stumpy

What do you reckon to the two new presenters on the cbeebies bedtime hour? I thought they were moderately interesting new types if i bit too new and dumb until the missus pointed out that the new girl ONLY HAS ONE ARM. My viewing pleasure was then ruined by my eyes being forced to look at the stump that i hadn't noticed before, and the fact that the gump-like male presenter then proceeded to draw a picture of the pair of them and drew her with an intact pair of arms infuriated me even more. Argh.
Sorry, i just felt like having a rant. Feel free to call me an insensitive swine or hit me with a hammer.


  1. Why do they have t change the prsenters with the seasons!! Wish they wud stick to the same ones!! Like the ones from iggled piggled house!! Hayley xx

  2. I do miss Sarah-Jane. She can't wear high heeled shoes because of Noddy.