I've done me some painting! Scrounge Update

Got myself some of that fancyarsed Games Workshop spraypaint for Scrounge the other day, and spent the morning spraying his scrawny ass white.
It needs a few more coats I think, especially around the head, which didn't seem to take the paint at first (bloody stupid epoxy nonsense grrr). Anyway, just wanted to post these phottys and ask - Is his head too big? Too late to anything about it, I know, but opinions other than Jess' would be nice.


Gumpy and Stumpy

What do you reckon to the two new presenters on the cbeebies bedtime hour? I thought they were moderately interesting new types if i bit too new and dumb until the missus pointed out that the new girl ONLY HAS ONE ARM. My viewing pleasure was then ruined by my eyes being forced to look at the stump that i hadn't noticed before, and the fact that the gump-like male presenter then proceeded to draw a picture of the pair of them and drew her with an intact pair of arms infuriated me even more. Argh.
Sorry, i just felt like having a rant. Feel free to call me an insensitive swine or hit me with a hammer.


More Scroungey Goodness...

Ok, a couple more Scroungey things for ya in case you haven't killed yourself due to boredom,
Matrix over at http://www.thetf.net/ did a fancy colouring job on my Scrounge sketch, and now it looks all lovely and professional and such...

and here's a work in progress of my Scrounge kitbash, which just looks like a Blackarachnia with no Spidery bits, but a bit of paint should sort that out. Also I'm going to grunge this up a bit, make him look a little more battle worn (then at least my home-made head won't look as out of place)

Speaking of the head, I've made it out of some of the 'liquid metal' epoxy resin stuff we use to block up drilled holes on safes, but that still needs some work doing to it, filing down to give it sharper edges etc. Anyway, it just looks like a lump of grey lumpyness at the moment, so I'm not bothering with a photo of that yet....
Today, Al was sent a bunch of random old funny stuff he's posted everywhere else and decided to include some of them in this blog...
Two people stood on a bridge, one says to the other 'whats the current situation in taiwan?', the other replies 'well the economy is going strong and i love you,' then they both jumped off the bridge and died, happy in the knowledge of their mutual love and the economic situation of a foreign country.


Fun with knives and PVA Glue

Just a quick mobile update today, firstly to test if this works on Opera Mini on my phone, and secondly to give you an update on scrounge.
I decided for the time being, finances and spare time and such, that i'd forego doing a transforming scrounge and make a non-transforming toy out of stuff i already own. Fortunately, i had a tf-a blackarachnia spare following my birthday, and her body is scrawny enough to match scrounge (i beefed him up a bit for my drawing) and she's got the whole bell-bottom legs and skinny six-pack.
First, i pulled off all the spidery bits and unscrewed her face, then in the process of chopping down her chest to a more reasonable and less feminine size i sliced a chunk off my left thumb. I'm fine now, thanks to TCP spray plaster, which is a genius invention obviously invented by Neil Buchanan, the only man in the world to use PVA glue in every aspect of his life.
I also glued up BA's split-legs and broke off her various spikes and such.
So now i'm left with a faceless basic action figure, i'm going to do some experiments with epoxy resin later, and i'll post some photos of my work in progress. Cheers.


More Scrounge Stuff... and possible plans!

Hullo again. Thunked I'd just keep folks updated on my general plans and such, mainly because I can't think of anything funny to say today.

You know that there Scrounge pic I posted the other day, right? Well, it got me thinking about how to actually get him to work as an actual toy.

The robot mode's pretty simple, He's a basic humanoid robot type shape, and the only problem I can forsee is getting the head right.

The problems begin if I want to go the whole hog and make him actually transform...

Yes, he transforms into a wheel. A chuffing wheel. That has no resemblance to his robot mode.
I've been searching around, and I've seen a couple of toys that could work, one being a ridiculously shite thing from Power Rangers.

He's called Tackleman, as far as I can guess (there were a lot of random jap-translated-to-english-by-fans type words hanging around the site, so I'm probably wrong). Yes, he's a wheel, but he's also incredibly rubbish.

His wheel mode is pretty much perfect, but his robot leaves a lot to be desired. Scrounge's tummy wouldn't be that round, he's supposed to be a scrawny little get, not a tubby american footballer.

Another idea that was suggested by one of the lovely folk over at http://www.thetf.net/ was to use the Star Wars Transformers General Grevious Wheel Bike. Now, this guy's wheel mode is almost right, I'd need to find a way to hide those legs, and those spikes would need to come off, but this one is definitely do-able. His robot mode to quite messy looking, but again I can see it working. I think I'd probably give Scrounge a bit more of a neck, which I think Grevious is lacking. The main problem with this one, is that I can't find the bloody thing anywhere (actually, that's a lie, there's one on eBay for £40, which is silly money). If anyone sees one for cheapish, please let me know. Cheers.

My other option is to start from scratch, get the most basic TF I can find and do my best with a hammer and sellotape. This is not a good idea.

Anyway, that's just my brain thinking out loud, any help or advice you've got to offer on this subject would be great. Cheers


Fudge does art - Blitzwing

This is Blitzwing, he's a Triple Changer from Transformers G1. I did this pic because I was going to do a Transformers Mosaic, which is like a fan-created short comic strip. But I got distracted and never got around to it. Anyway, here ya go...
Again, sorry for it looking a bit rough, I just haven't bothered tidying up the muck left by my rubbish scanner.

Fudge does art - Scrounge

This here's Scrounge, he's an obscure Transformer from the 80's Marvel comics.

He is basically a cannon-fodder character who gets his arm ripped off, and then gets melted. Poor guy. He transforms into a wheel. Ooh.

As far as I know, noone has ever made a toy of this guy.

(Forgive the roughness of the pic, it's only a pencil sketch, I rarely get round to inking my stuff, and tend to destroy them when I get round to colouring)


A Letter to Lionel Ritchie/Parsley The Lion

Because they are both the same person/animal (have you ever seen them in the same place?)... Do a google image search if you don't believe me.

Dear Mister Ritchie,

Hello, how are you? I am fine.
Are you related to Mrs Ritchie, who was my teacher in 1988? She was nice but bossy.
Anyway, i digest, what i actually am writting to you about is that we know you are a herbal lion off of the 70s and you can stop lying and we will destroy you if you lie you liar. Lies!
Are you related to shane ritchie? He was good in the 90s and as a fat mouse in flushed away. Are you really made of parsley and does it hurt when people put you in cauliflower cheese?
Is guy ritchie your dad? I'm sorry he broke up with madonald, as i'm sure she would have been a good mum for you. Please don't cry.
Are you rich, ritchie? I'm sure you have a few bobs and pounds and dollars and other money. Do people call you ritchie rich, like the film called richy rich with kevin off of that home alone horror film with that do you think i'm funny like a clown man. Is his dad really ted danson? That'd be cool because then kirstie alley would be your mum and she was nice before she was fat.
So, stop lion-ing (lying) about being a lie-on (lion) and we'll stop sending you packets of salt (the cure for lying) as soon as we are sure You're telling the truth.
Yours sincerely much,
fudge and the other people.
ps. I lost my cayenne pepper, do you have any friends you could shave some off? I will pay you 24p an ounce.

First posted on www.thetf.net
On a side-note, it was decided that this letter was to be written in the medium of Bloomen, which is a mixture of blood and semen used in all the best stalker-ish letters.

Argh! Blogger's Block!

Hmmm... Blogger's blog sounds like a plumbing term...

Anyway, I'm having issues with my brain not being able to spout sufficient stuff to fill a blog I thought I'd take the quick and easy route for the time being and just cut n paste stuff I've previously ranted about on other sites. I'll get round to this after I've cooked tea though, we're having Chicken with pasta in tommytarter sauce. Which should be nice.

Today, Al is chuffed with himself for picking up the last copy of ASM #538 in Leeds, and plans to get it listed on eBay as quickly as possible to collect silly money off of crazy Barack OBama fans.

The Fudgeblog Is Online!

Yay! It's a place where I can splurge the rubbish that rushes around in the hollow space behind my eyes (some people would call this a brain, but I'm a bloke, and my brain is located somewhere else)
So, this is the Fudgeblog, I am Al, and if you've not heard of me before, then you've obviously just stumbled over this site in an effort to find confectionary and bread product combinations. This is not that sort of place. Well, actually it might be, as I do tend to rant about my culinary creations occassionally, but it's not the main reason I'm spilling words out here.
Anyway, I've got other stuff to do at this exact moment (my daughter, Jess, has just finished painting and thus the kitchen is pink and needs a wipe.) but I'll be back a bit later with a bit of a rant or something equally pointless.
May the Fudge be with you.