Moving House

Hi everyone, just to let you know I've relocated my blog to http://fudgecrumpet.wordpress.com if you feel the need to update your bookmarks and such.
Reasons? Mainly because loads of people just nagged that they couldn't leave comments. I've never had a problem with Blogger, but having played with Wordpress I have to admit that it is infinitely more lovely and less orange. So, yeah, go and have a look at the new site, it's all grey and sexy.


The Difference Between Comets and that.

A lot of people seem to be showing signs of confusion as to what the difference between Comets, Asteroids and such. Well, I have prepared this scientific infogram to explain it to you all...

So now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

Award Winning Bloggage and that. Woo

Yay! I gone done winned an award. Best impersonation on a blog, obviously referring to my Russell Crowe-style Les Mis review about two blogs down the list. or that time I impersonated someone awesome who knew what the fuck he was ranting on about.

Anyway, go and have a read of Tattooed Mummy's blog as some sort of reciprocation for making me feel good. Although I didn't win Sexiest Blogger. But that's only because nobody knows that I'm wearing my Superman thong today. That is a true fact.

Alternative Blog awards


Asteroid Near-Miss?

No problem... I builts me a spaceship.


My Les Miserables Review

Went to see Les Mis with the missus the other night. Here is my review, in the style of Russell Crowe. If I were a fancy internet boffin I would edit a bunch of clips of him together singing it, but I'm not a boffin. No. You can do it if you want.